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My Art

Like so many artists loosely described as 'naive' or 'outsider', I am self taught. I describe my painting as naive with more than a hint of surrealism. 


All originals are painted on canvas and most of my paintings are also available as prints and greetings cards.


Pricing model:

Originals:                Price on application

Prints:                      From £250

Greetings Cards:   From £2.50


I take enormous pride in creating my paintings and hope that you will enjoy my work.

Please click on my paintings for better viewing.

Lavender Cottage

46 x 61 cm

The Ladybird

76 x 51 cm

Two Big Pigs

Original - SOLD

The Countryside

Original - SOLD


Original - SOLD

Monet's Bridge

51 x 76cm

Glasslacken Cottage

Original - SOLD

The Old Mill

61 x 46cm

The Red Chair

76 x 51cm

The Red Pump
The Swan
The Yellow House
Three Clouds

76 x 51cm

View from the Lake
Four Sheep
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