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Bryan B. Kelly

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Naive painting with more than a hint of surrealism

Bryan B. Kelly


The Red House


Thank you to the lovely Brian Sinfield Gallery

Oxo Tower Bargehouse outside Bryan and karen laughing.jpg

A review of the Exhibit Here Art Maze exhibition with my paintings at
Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf London
by Karen Parker  from intersilient

Bryan B. Kelly is proud to be exhibiting his work at
Exhibit Here's Art Maze Exhibition at
Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf
February 2022

Exhibit Here's February 2022 Art Maze.png
Golden Ruin
The Old Mill Wheel
The Silence

Life doesn't stand still for long!

Bryan has moved to a beautiful part of the countryside, so actively painting has moved down the priority list until he is established.  However, Bryan B. Beresford will be presenting a selection of prints and cards and is available to chat at:
Art in the Park,
Jephson Gardens,
Leamington Spa
7th & 8th  August 2021
10am-6pm on Stand A2
Bryan is looking forward to meeting new people and old friends, so please seek him out.

Bryan view from new house.jpg

The beautiful view from Bryan's garden.  Long walks for Percy too!

Bryan is back in his studio for the first time since early November 2020 when he contracted Coronavirus.

"So good to be back after a very big fight, even though I'm still having a bit of an argument with 'Long Covid'.  I finally feel I'm heading in the right direction.  A huge thank you to my wife Nora who nursed me night and day through the worst weeks and  of course to my friends  and family for their huge support and encouragement."

Bryan with Percy in studio.jpg
Bryan in studio  Feb 2021 1.jpg
Bryan concentrating.jpg

The UK are back in lockdown due to the coronavirus and unfortunately the Brian Sinfield Gallery is closed.  However you can see the exhibition virtually via Instagram in three short videos here. Bryan B. Kelly starts the video with
The Red House
Video 1  Video 2  Video 3

The gallery is still open for purchases though of course!
Please contact Brian Sinfield Gallery direct @briansinfield

Proud to be represented by Brian Sinfield Gallery in their

"All I Want For Christmas" Exhibition

8 November 2020 - 31 December 2020

Click here for details

This week I visited the beautiful Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford, Oxfordshire who have a selection of my work for sale.  I enjoyed catching up over a coffee with the delightful Miranda and Helen and their gorgeous Cocker dogs.  I am very proud to be part of this prestigious gallery in the heart of the Cotswolds.

I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to see an interview of me working in my new studio by Karen Parker of intersilient.  Learn about how I came to painting and the impact Covid-19 has had on my work.  Thankfully my studio was up and running in time for me to work during the lockdown.

Please click the link here and in the image below to be redirected to the video

Website updated and the new is studio working well...and so am I!  New work at the framers and more on the easel.  Lockdown has enabled me to get on with painting in the new space which was finished at just the right time!  Please find a video interview with me conducted by Karen Parker of intersilient here!  Discover how I came to painting, how the pandemic Covid-19 has impacted my work, and how I see the future for artists post coronavirus.

Well the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown came at just the point I could start using the new studio.  Great to return to the easel, creating my paintings in a dedicated space.  Helped with the enforced isolation too!

I am currently updating the website to include all my work, so please bear with me for a couple of weeks whilst it is edited.

Yes!  March 2020!  Hooray the studio is up and running and here it is!

Well January 2020 and here we go starting setting up the new studio!  Insulation and a ceiling first!

It has taken some time to decide how the new studio will look and exactly what Bryan wanted.  However,  it has started and the slow progress has been documented with photographs so you can see how it all comes together!  Insulation to keep it warm and a ceiling to stop the heat escaping!  Painting the walls and making them strong enough to support the paintings.  Rearranging the lighting to where Bryan wants to work and leaving the facility to add spotlights at a later date.  LED to make it cost effective of course!

Leaving East Lodge!

Farewell, it was a privilege!

Moving to the new studio...needs work though!

Watch this space!

Bryan decided in the Summer of 2019 to move his studio from East Lodge in Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, to a new studio.  Sad to leave where so many of his successful paintings have been created, but time to move on.  Sweeping away the dust of three years was nostalgic, but the excitement of designing and equipping the new studio is invigorating and stimulating!  Karen Parker of is not only sweeping, but also promoting Bryan's work.  Percy looks on with interest too, so watch this space.

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